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Why do we LOVE these items?   Here's why.  

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Brand New Colour:

Army Green


When you brand with Ethica, you are choosing sustainable clothing that is synonymous with high-quality and a superior product. Proudly Canadian!

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The OG!

The Swiss Army Knife is Celebrating 125 years of Excellence. Always there when you need it, it's the perfect corporate gift, that they'll appreciate for years to come.

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The Gift of Making Memories!


 ​Le Tour de Spice's seasonal themes create an engaging promotional experience and a memorable way to express gratitude and warm wishes. 

HC ECO (3).png


Introducing Our Eco Range!


 Using recycled & organic fabrics offsets the use of new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves both water and energy in the process. Stop now and stand with us. Let’s make a statement and a difference together

Untitled design (13).png


Creative Mat is Proudly Canadian!


 Branded Mats are the perfect way to create a Great First Impression and keep your place of business looking neat & clean. We use only water-based inks which are better for you and the enviroment.

Untitled design (11).png


Drizzle is honey at its very finest!


When you purchase drizzle honey, you are buying environmentally and socially responsible products. Arlene Dickinson, of Dragon's Den, is a proud investor.  Proudly Made in Canada, Certified B Corp, and a Woman Owned Company.

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