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Lost in all the buzz words...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Maybe it’s an age thing, but I’m so tired of hearing all the buzz words currently being tossed around in our industry. They are so distracting and in many cases just meaningless gobbly gook, which really could be to the detriment of professional marketers in the industry today.

For the past couple of years, all we hear about is millennials - I have nothing against them, all three of my daughters are millennials but they are not the be-all and end-all in every marketing campaign, in fact, many times not even close. According to Stats Canada, there are more women over 50 in this country than at any other point in history. The over 50 group also has more disposable income and still can be reached with more traditional media by marketers than their under 50 counterparts.

In fact, according to Darrel Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, “The mainstream market in Canada is over 40 and getting older. They are half the population, their numbers are growing, and they have most of the money. As Canadians age, older women are going to decide more of everything. Figure them out.”

But it’s not just women – there are also more men over 40 than under and the over 40 demographic will continue to grow as the number of millennials diminishes. Will Gen Z hold the same interest to marketers – don’t think so.

We need to leave all the buzz words buzzing around out there to the internet & get back to the basics :

Who is the target audience? Where will they be when most in need of our client’s products/services? Why are creating the campaign? What is goal of the campaign? When do you need the campaign run ?

If we don’t understand the expectations of both the advertiser and the recipient creating a successful campaign is dubious at best.

And, please don’t get me started about my opinion of the term SWAG – would someone selling TV time say - want to buy a commercial on the BOOB TUBE*!


“1) American slang (circa 1980) for the television, and serving as a bargaining tool by parents in disciplining their children, who referred to the time wasted watching it, and lowering their IQ too, hence "boob tube" – just in case!

(My opinion is mine and my suppliers are not responsible for its content)

If you are in the Ottawa region I will be exhibiting my Supplier lines at the PICS Show Thursday, September 5th at the Ottawa Centurian Convention Centre – 170 Colonnade Rd 10am – 2:00pm

I am also in the SW participating in the Promotional Product Showcase: Sept 24 Tuesday Burlington Convention Centre  Sept 25 Wednesday Kitchener – Bingemans Sept 26 Thursday Best Western London - Lamplighter

My suppliers will also be exhibiting at the PPPC National Convention September 10 – 12 in Toronto please click this link for is open to both PPPC Members & non-members.

Hope to see you at one of these upcoming events.

Leslie Ashby

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