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Updated: May 1

ATTRACTION: Attraction is Canadian Family business founded in 1980, located in Lac Drolet within the Eastern region of Quebec. We feature two unique brands. “ethica” is our Made in Canada Collection which utilizes fabrics that are knitted here in Canada with a focus on being environmentally friendly. Ethica products are cut, sewn and decorated in our Proudly Canadian plant and our employees are members of the USW union. We use 100% organic cotton & recycled polyester. We are clearly the ethical & ecofriendly choice. Our clients love quality of our fabrics. You'll want to wear it everyday. Our other brand is “initial” Initial products are made from patterns we create, with fabrics that we have selected and are made offshore and kept in inventory and decorated by our employees. Please click this link for more information: https://www.attraction.com/en/ HEADWEAR CANADA: Headwear maintains over a million dollars worth of inventory here in the GTA, we can ship blank stock same day and decorated headwear in just 3 – 5 days. We are never out of inventory as we offer a 14 day decorated service direct from China. We have amazing caps that are sure to please all lucky enough to wear them. We are famous for our innovative custom cap service which can be delivered is as few as 6 – 8 weeks (Air Service) or 10 – 12 weeks by boat. With our custom service, the sky is the limit . You have a vision, we’ll make it happen. Want something unique but not sure where to start? Our graphics team will create a one of a kind cap for your client. We are always happy to create virtuals for you, upon request. Please click below to view styles: https://www.headwear.com.au/en_ca LE TOUR DE SPICE: We are a relatively new supplier to the industry but offers an exciting new line of products that are perfect both for the health conscious recipients and for clients looking to target people with promotional products. We have a BBQ rub that would be perfect for summertime promotions. Spices are available in a number of container options and we can create a custom spice mixture for you. Please click below to learn more: https://www.letourdespice.com/ VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY: Obviously we are famous for the Swiss Army Knife but also have Backpacks, Luggage and Watches in both our Victorinox and Wenger brands. Victorinox Swiss Army is a high-quality price point, with Wenger at a more moderate Price Point. Our Swiss Army knives and cutlery are still proudly manufactured in Switzerland in an Eco conscious factory. With Vctorinox, you are getting the best quality, sure to please even your most discerning client. This is a great choice for corporate branding needs. Please check out our Canadian website site: https://vsacorporate.ca/Victorinox/ We also have a line of cutting Boards called Epicurean:

Epicurean prides itself on crafting products that are not only simple, functional and long lasting, but also environmentally responsible from start to finish. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 350 degrees. Please check out the links to our Knives and Epicurean collection https://vsacorporate.ca/Victorinox/Cutlery/8-Fibrox-Pro-Chefs-Knife/?MainTagID=965 https://vsacorporate.ca/Victorinox/Cutlery/Utility-Knife-Black/?MainTagID=965 https://vsacorporate.ca/Epicurean/Cutting-Boards/BBQ-Cutting-Board-17-5-x-13-Natural/?MainTagID=1198 We have so many amazing products to please your clients.

Looking for something out of the box? Call us, we’re up for the challenge.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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Proudly Representing (click links to visit their site) * Attraction (ethica & intital) * Golf Trends * Headwear Canada * Le Tour de Spice * Victorinox Swiss Army (Wenger & Epicurean) Promo Expo Showroom - 422 North Rivermede Rd., Unit 14, Vaughan, ON L4K 3R5 www.promoexpo.ca

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